The administrative department specializes in the representation of public entities, including government ministries, statutory entities, government-owned companies and public and dual entities in all areas of public law, including - accompanying the preparation of complex tenders, accompanying the execution of complex and resource-intensive infrastructure projects, representation in the courts of administrative matters, the Supreme Court and the High Court of Justice in administrative petitions and complex procedures, accompanying complex transactions and providing ongoing advice to public bodies, including - to tender committees.
In addition, the department represents international corporations, public companies and private companies in the fields of administrative law, including - accompaniment and advice regarding the preparation and submission of bids for tenders, representation in administrative petitions, tender procedures and commercial disputes involving them in significant volumes. In addition, the department specializes in managing contractual claims in the field of infrastructures in the scope of hundreds of millions of NIS and representing defendants, including public and governmental bodies, in class action proceedings.