MMW’s Labor and Employment Relations, headed by Adv. Yael Rubinstein, handles all aspects of labor and employment relations law. The Department advises to and represents private clients, senior executives, corporate clients, and local and multi-international employers across a wide range of ‎industries in the private and public sectors. Within this framework, the Department provides ongoing advice on labor and employment law, including reorganization, crisis management and strategic planning of human resource management in light of the corporate culture, needs and regulatory requirements.
The Department also handles cases and represents clients in complex litigation proceedings before various courts and tribunals, and provides strategic advice on litigation management. In addition, the Department specializes in all matters related to collective labor relations, including accompanying negotiations, labor dispute resolution, strikes and stoppages, collective bargaining agreements, employment of women and diversity, prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace, disciplinary proceedings at the workplace, and more. The Department also advises startups at different stages, among others, on planning and architecting their ‎future HR environment, provides legal advice and support in mergers and acquisitions, and conducts due diligence ‎investigations.