Field of Expertise Administrative-Law
Competition & Antitrust

LLB, Haifa University

Bar Membership Israel 2010 Languages

Hebrew, English & Spanish

Team    >    Administrative-Law/Competition & Antitrust/Litigation

Adv. Chen Shomrat

Adv. Chen Shomrat is a Partner in MMW’s Litigation Department and Competition and Antitrust Department. Chen provides comprehensive legal advice in the fields of consumer protection, communication and competition to many Israeli corporations and government-owned companies. Over the years, Chen has been representing clients in complex litigation cases worth billions of shekels, as well as administrative proceedings before the Court of Administrative Affairs and the Supreme Court.

Chen has been involved in representing clients in numerous class actions brought against corporations and government-owned companies, including Elco-Electra Group, Partner Communications Group, Tornado  Consumer products Ltd., H.Y. Group, Schnapp Group, Ace Group, I-Cell, Hot Cinema, Tulip Entertainment, Bug Multisystem, Magic Ltd. Software Enterprises, Kliat Ivgi , Electra Elevators, Clal Insurance Company, T.D. Finco Financial Services Ltd, Sui Sushi, E.Y.A. Medical (Ein-Tal) Ltd, Israeli Airports Authority, National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd. and more.

Many class actions represented by Chen were brought under the Competition Law, alleging prohibited restrictive practices, monopoly status abuse and unfair price fixing by monopolies.

Chen has represented MMW’s clients in dozens of administrative proceedings before the various courts, mainly proceedings relating to tender and competition law.

Chen provides ongoing legal advice on consumer and competition laws, and represents various entities before the Israeli Parliament Economic Committee and the Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority. 

Chen is an expert in competition law, including mergers and restrictive practices, cartels, monopolies and centralization. Chen specializes in competition risk management, compliance with the Economic Competition Law and the rules promulgated thereunder, and implementation of internal competition law enforcement programs, and represents clients in complex litigation cases before the Competition Commissioner and the court.