Ronen Matry

Adv. Ronen Matry heads the Insolvency, Banking and Real Estate Departments.

Adv. Matry represents creditors and debtors on various matters associated with distressed companies, compositions with creditors and liquidation of real estate and other property. In this context, Adv. Matry regularly represents the largest banks and financial institutions in Israel. Adv. Matry also represents companies in insolvency proceedings, including stay of proceedings, recovery and restructuring and creditors' arrangements. Adv. Matry has also handled arrangements in the collective agricultural settlement sector, including representation on various matters of the Kibbutzs' Arrangement Administration, Seminar HaKibutzim, receivership of the cooperative society Dafna Hulata Marketing, sale of the Matar Casting plant, receivership of the inventory of Noah Hulata Shoes and representation of Kibbutzs in their business activities.

As part of his real estate practice, Adv. Matry handles projects of the largest real estate companies in Israel, through all stages of the project, from the entrepreneurial phase, to the planning and building phases, to the sale and registration of the units. Adv. Matry also handles the development of real estate properties in Israel and overseas (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Ukraine), including the establishment of investment trusts and land purchase transactions. He is an expert on project finance, and represents developers and project finance departments of banks, as well as various parties in land expropriation matters.

Adv. Matry is one of the founding partners of Matry Meiri & Co. Prior to the establishment of Matry Meiri & Co., Adv. Matry headed the Insolvency, Banking and Real Estate Departments as a partner in the law firm of Danziger Klagsbald & Co.

Select Representations:

  • Representation of Hapoalim Bank, in the matter of the Mega and the Blue Square Group
  • Representation of Leumi Bank, in the matter of  the Fishman Group (J.E.C.)
  • Representation of other banks in complex receivership and debtors insolvency proceedings (including the First International Bank of Israel, Mercantile Bank, Union Bank)
  • Representation of Gaon Holdings and Buy and Build in the Ace case
  • Representation in the matter of the IDB arrangement
  • Representation in the matter of Kamor
  • Serving as a trustee or office holder in various companies (Agrexco, Chefziba, Ollimpia, Masonite, Rav Bariach and more)
  • Representation of  Eged in the matter of the New Central Station
  • Representation of  Phoeniclass in a luxury project for the building of 450 apartments on the premises of Seminar HaKibutzim in Namir Road in Tel Aviv
Department: Insolvency and Banking Department, Real Estate
Admitted: Israel (1990)
Education: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (LL.B., 1990)
Languages: Hebrew and English