Dr. Eyal Geva

Dr. Eyal Geva heads the Capital Market, Corporate and Securities Department

Dr. Geva specializes in Commercial and Corporate law, Corporate Governance, Securities law, Corporate Insolvency and issues relating to cross-border and Private International law. Dr. Geva counsel directors and officers on issues pertaining to regulation, corporate governance and reporting standards; advises companies regarding commercial disputes, re-organizations and insolvency procedures; IPO; providing legal opinion on D&O compensation, related party transactions, and corporate governance; advising bond holders before and during insolvency restructuring and litigation procedures; partnership and capital raising agreements.  

Before joining as counsel to our firm, Dr. Geva served as a senior legal counsel and the head of corporate governance at the Israel Securities Authority (2012-2015); an associate at Paliare Roland (Toronto, 2005) and at Goldfarb, Seligman and Co. (litigation department, 2000-2003).

Dr. Geva is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University (corporate and corporate insolvency law; since 2009); at the Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv university (capital market regulation, since 2015) and was a teaching fellow and lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK (2006-2010).


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Editor, Vanessa Finch, Corporate Insolvency Law; Perspectives and Principles (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed., 2009)

Department: Capital Market, Corporate and Securities
Admitted: 2001
Education: LLB, Faculty of law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2000
LLM, Faculty of law, University of Toronto, 2005
PhD, the London School of Economics and Political Science (2010)
Languages: Hebrew and English, basic Spanish and French